Ravin’ Royals: Christopher Titus

Christopher Titus

Photo courtesy of The Real Christopher Titus Facebook page.

Just another bitch on a donut run.

Not just a punchline, but the concept of ‘just a bitch on a donut run’ is one of comedian Christopher Titus’s new bits with his new tour and comedy special, the Angry Pursuit of Happiness.

The beau and I had a chance to see him last night at the Neptune Theater in Seattle, WA, and it was quite an experience. Titus’s specials have certainly evolved over the years; his original special, Norman Rockwell is Bleeding, was a comedy of errors, telling the story of his life (while emphasizing the overall theme from the cult classic TV series, Titus). Following Norman Rockwell was Love is Evol, a personal story of divorce and love after heartbreak, and then Voice in My Head, another stand-up special dedicated to fuck-ups, failures, and feeble attempts to get ahead in life.

However, the Angry Pursuit of Happiness takes a different turn. Rather than taking on the challenges of raising kids (such as his special, 5th Annual End of the World Tour), Titus takes a different route in approaching the world as a whole, while offering a less-than-subtle way for the audiences to ‘find their bliss.’

Granted, it’s still Christopher Titus, so there’s still zany voices, horrible stories involving family members with drugs, alcohol and syringes of you-really-don’t-want-to-know, and angry rants about the inconveniences of Starbucks barristas ruining your morning coffee.

It’s dramatically different from previous shows, as it definitely feels less personal (even though it’s full of personal stories), but is more engaging for the audience. The Angry Pursuit of Happiness is not just a two hour show that leaves you laughing on your way home, but leaves you thinking about your own life choices, and if you really want to be just another bitch on a donut run.

Ravin’ Royals: Improv Against Humanity

Improv Against Humanity

Photo courtesy of The Fictionals’ Facebook page


The award-winning comedy company, The Fictionals, recently celebrated their one year anniversary of their wildly popular (and wildly impersonated) improv show dedicated to horrible people, Improv Against Humanity.

This interactive show takes a fun twist by integrating a traditional improv night (full of audience interaction) with a party game meant for horrible people: Cards Against Humanity.

This hilarious party game is a fill-in-the-blanks type game, with the winning card being an awful combination, which has lead to a cult following, four different expansions, and a ‘create your own card’ option.

Improv Against Humanity selects seven random volunteers to play the game live on stage. The winning hand of each round is then improvised by The Fictionals, and has had memorable combinations such as:

“What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?”


“A romantic, candlelit dinner would be incomplete without …”

“… Being a dick to children.”

The show is played with two halves, giving 14 rounds in total to be improvised. In between the two games, there’s a quick round of ‘Innuendo,’ a hilarious little game yet again based on Cards Against Humanity. This one is based on, “Sex with me is like (card),” followed by a joke, or “I like my (men/women) like I like my (card),” followed by a joke.

The finale of the show is a best-out-of-three Cards Against Humanity battle between the winners of the first and second halves of the game. These aren’t acted out, but it’s fast, furious, and generally full of horrible responses.

The night is full of other fun things, such as a live streaming wall of tweets, which include such gems as:

All in all, it’s an experience that any horrible person should take in. Improv Against Humanity is hosted on the third Wednesday of every month at the Rio Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at https://riotheatretickets.ca

Ravin’ Royals: Granville Island Soap Gallery

Granville Island Soap Gallery

Photo courtesy of Granville Island Soap Gallery’s Facebook page

When was the last time you didn’t want to get out of the shower? Was it because the water was too warm and too comfortable, or you really didn’t want to go walk the dog or go to work?

When was that last time it was because your soap smelled too good?

I had this experience for the first time today. When Miss A came for a visit in October, we made a trip out to Granville Island. After trying on lovely hats at the famous Edie Hats, we proceeded on to the public market and then to the Creekhouse, where we proceeded to stop at Granville Island Soap Gallery.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that if you get three women in a store that sells nothing but bath products, that they’ll spend a good long time there. Eventually, we walked out with a couple of prizes, and continued on our way. I put my bars of soap away (a refreshing scent called ‘Vancouver Rain’), and didn’t think much of it.

Over the long weekend, Miss V came for her usual Christmas shopping extravaganza in the city. In the spirit of finding something local and crafty, we made another trip to the island of art, Granville Island.

Granville Island Soap Gallery is an average size shop for the island, if not a bit small when compared to other retailers across the city. The company is local, and can often be seen at farmers markets and craft fairs. What made me fall in love with the store (rather than just all the natural, organic & hand-made soaps!) is the fact that the majority of the soaps are made in the store by the staff, and the supplementing soaps are also made by local artisans. And if you love dogs, there’s an adorable little Yorkie waiting to greet you; rumour has it that this little cutie is the supervisor.

This time, after picking out a couple of gifts, I elected to also purchase a Pineapple Coconut soap bar for myself. The slab of soap is a beautiful pineapple yellow (whoda thunk?) with a tropical, relaxing scent that leaves you dreaming of Mexican beaches and a good, strong piña colada.

What surprised me first was how easy and quick the bar was to lather; no difficult struggles here! And, after a few quick passes, you realize that this luscious little bar of soap is more than just soap. With little chunks of what I can only assume is actual coconut, you’re left with a soft, gentle, and natural exfoliant as you gently wash your skin. Fabulous!

To make this little slice of heaven even better, it intensely moisturizes the skin, leaving no residue or oils. I kept finding myself reaching for the soap after using it, because I couldn’t give it up!

The bar I purchased was a whopping $5, making it the perfect treat for yourself or someone else. With literally dozens of different scents in their locally made soaps alone, it’s a must-see for the island, and a must-have for your own shower. I’ll be going back to do some holiday shopping for both myself and on behalf of Miss A… and to stock up for myself!