Ravin’ Royals: Improv Against Humanity

Improv Against Humanity

Photo courtesy of The Fictionals’ Facebook page


The award-winning comedy company, The Fictionals, recently celebrated their one year anniversary of their wildly popular (and wildly impersonated) improv show dedicated to horrible people, Improv Against Humanity.

This interactive show takes a fun twist by integrating a traditional improv night (full of audience interaction) with a party game meant for horrible people: Cards Against Humanity.

This hilarious party game is a fill-in-the-blanks type game, with the winning card being an awful combination, which has lead to a cult following, four different expansions, and a ‘create your own card’ option.

Improv Against Humanity selects seven random volunteers to play the game live on stage. The winning hand of each round is then improvised by The Fictionals, and has had memorable combinations such as:

“What brought the orgy to a grinding halt?”


“A romantic, candlelit dinner would be incomplete without …”

“… Being a dick to children.”

The show is played with two halves, giving 14 rounds in total to be improvised. In between the two games, there’s a quick round of ‘Innuendo,’ a hilarious little game yet again based on Cards Against Humanity. This one is based on, “Sex with me is like (card),” followed by a joke, or “I like my (men/women) like I like my (card),” followed by a joke.

The finale of the show is a best-out-of-three Cards Against Humanity battle between the winners of the first and second halves of the game. These aren’t acted out, but it’s fast, furious, and generally full of horrible responses.

The night is full of other fun things, such as a live streaming wall of tweets, which include such gems as:

All in all, it’s an experience that any horrible person should take in. Improv Against Humanity is hosted on the third Wednesday of every month at the Rio Theatre. Tickets can be purchased online at https://riotheatretickets.ca

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